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The CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) component necessitates students' involvement in a diverse range of activities, including at least one project. These activities should encompass the following elements:

A genuine, goal-oriented activity with measurable outcomes.
A personal test.
Thoughtful consideration, involving planning, monitoring, and reporting.
Personal learning and reflection on outcomes.

At Amourion Training Centre, our experts recommend specific projects or activities tailored to students' interests. While guidance is provided, students are encouraged to actively engage in activities they have planned themselves, ensuring a personalized and meaningful CAS experience.


  • Take up cooking
  • Take up knitting
  • Make a short animation video
  • Design a video game
  • Make homemade candles


  • Join a zumba class
  • Go mountaineering
  • Try horse riding
  • Try breakdancing
  • Go on a yoga retreat


  • Volunteer for an animal shelter
  • Volunteer for a local hospital
  • Campaign for better recycling facilities
  • Volunteer to tidy-up the neighborhood
  • Learn to perform first ald and CPR

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