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The IB extended essay stands as a substantial writing undertaking, demanding learners' adherence to a specific set of requirements. Presenting research data in a logical, precise, and effective manner is crucial, with students expected to demonstrate significant improvement in concept generation and organization. A comprehensive understanding of the topic or the ability to conduct thorough analysis is essential for crafting a detailed essay.

Steps in the IB extended essay writing process encompass research, data organization, and structuring thoughts into a coherent essay. Meeting the standards set by your IB teacher requires a substantial investment of time and effort. For students facing time constraints or seeking professional assistance in organizing ideas into coherent paragraphs, Amourion Training Centre is a reliable resource.

The extended essay holds considerable weight, accounting for one-third of the overall core required for the diploma. As an IB student, awareness of the wide range of topics available is crucial. The flexibility to choose a subject that aligns with one's study enhances the writing process. Undertaking the IB extended essay independently is a challenging endeavor, given its importance in grading, necessitating juggling research, writing, editing, and proofreading.

At Amourion Training Centre, we understand the procedure and effort needed to provide students with an original, custom-written essay. Our extended essay writers are specialists, possessing the necessary knowledge and writing abilities. Beyond essay writing, we offer editing and plagiarism detection services, instilling confidence in students. Our professionals are readily available to assist with any questions or uncertainties about the essay.


Authenticity Assurance

Amourion Training Centre commits to delivering content that is 100% authentic and genuine.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Our primary goal is your satisfaction, and Amourion Training Centre is dedicated to providing content that meets and exceeds your expectations.


Non-Plagiarized Content

Amourion Training Centre ensures the material is entirely non-plagiarized and provides a premium report to emphasize its originality.


Adherence to IB Guidelines

Our approach strictly follows the guidelines set by the International Baccalaureate organization, ensuring compliance with all specified criteria.


Deadline Adherence:

Recognizing the importance of timelines, Amourion Training Centre guarantees the timely delivery of your assignments without compromising on quality.


Unlimited Revisions:

Amourion Training Centre offers unlimited revisions until your assignment receives approval, demonstrating our commitment to refining the work until it fully aligns with your expectations.

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